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Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. (NOIRBCC) launches HOUSEARAMA©, a new economic development home-buying initiative. The goal is to increase homeownership and revitalize overlooked neighborhoods across America. This will be accomplished through planned events to showcase multiple newly built and renovated homes for sale in potential up-and-coming neighborhoods nationwide.

HOUSEARAMA© was designed to play a significant role in improving low-income neighborhoods by working to increase new home construction and renovation of existing homes. Such improvements add to the quality of life in these neighborhoods, making them safer, attractive, and enjoyable. It can also lead to increased pride in ownership, a sense of belonging and community, and a reduction in crime and vandalism.

New home construction and renovations can also increase property values, which benefits both homeowners and the broader community. Higher property values can also lead to more investment in the community, better public services, and create jobs.




A showcase of six newly built and renovated homes

Saturday, August 26, 2023, 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Parkland, Russell, and Shawnee neighborhoods

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